State Electric Supply, Inc. Named One of the Top Five Electrical Distributor B2B Websites

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DES PLAINES, Ill., Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As B2B ecommerce continues to grow a significant number of manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers are still using printed catalogs, phone, and fax for taking orders. 58% of B2B companies surveyed by Apruve do not have any form of ecommerce. Of the companies that do have ecommerce, many of the solutions are inadequate for customers' needs. Many ecommerce efforts are low cost solutions which could lead these companies to go the way of Sears instead of the way of Amazon.

For B2B companies that have embraced ecommerce, Apruve, a leading B2B Credit Network, publishes annual reports that rate how well they're doing. It's called the Apruval Rating Report. is proud to announce that customer State Electric Supply, Inc. was recently put in the top five for B2B electrical distributors. You can view the site at

State Electric Supply, Inc. VP of Ecommerce & Strategic Sales David Gravely said, "Being recognized as one of the top ecommerce sites in our industry is truly a credit to the hard work from both of the teams at and State Electric, and we are extremely proud of the website." President Michael Svanascini said, "Working in collaboration with the knowledgeable leadership of State Electrical Supply, the B2B website that was created is definitely an elite B2B web presence, and we're proud to share in their success."

Apruve's business is based upon serving the needs of B2B ecommerce sellers and their buyers and they are well-known for their understanding of what's going on in the B2B market. Based on their research, they publish a number of reports and come up with an "Apruval Rating." In their 2018 report that focuses on Electrical Distributors, they reviewed more than 230 websites.

State Electric Supply Co. Inc. scored a rating of 201.3, putting them in the top 5 of all Electrical Distributors. Any score reaching 200 or over is considered elite. As Apruve states in the report, "These superior companies provide B2B customers with an excellent website experience, multiple ways to purchase, and provides comprehensive product information to customers." To learn more, visit

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About State Electric
From a humble start in 1952, State Electric Supply Co. has grown into one of the nation's highest ranked and best-known distributors; with hundreds of employees and 44 locations in 7 states. From the beginning, their goal has been to align themselves with the highest quality, best performing manufacturers in the industry in order to deliver a full range of quality products and services to their customers.

Michael Svanascini, President

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