MessageGears Partners with Airship to Combine Mobile and Cross-Channel Expertise

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ATLANTA, April 30, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Industry leaders in cross-channel orchestrated message delivery, MessageGears and Airship today announced a product integration that will provide enterprise customers with deep capabilities for delivering precise, targeted campaigns across multiple channels.

By combining MessageGears' industry-leading email campaign and cross-channel orchestration with Airship's sophisticated mobile push and in-app messaging solutions, marketers now have the best capabilities to reach customers across channels with messages that inspire action and grow loyalty and lifetime value.

Targeting highly sophisticated enterprise brands, the partnership allows teams to utilize the MessageGears platform to be able to launch and orchestrate advanced mobile and email marketing campaigns within a single interface. And because MessageGears' campaign orchestration solution attaches directly to internal data sources and modern data platforms, marketers can use their local, private customer data to target users seamlessly across multiple channels.

"Creating exceptional customer experiences today requires deep capabilities and bi-directional data across more and more channels, which are foundational to Airship's Customer Engagement Platform," said Mike Musson, SVP of strategy and business development, Airship. "This partnership has created a robust one-stop solution that makes it simpler and more effective for enterprise marketers to deliver meaningful and sophisticated interactions that advance customer journeys."

Via an optional enhancement to the MessageGears platform, customers will gain access to Airship's industry-leading advanced mobile marketing capabilities in order to orchestrate and optimize campaigns across channels that best fit their needs.

"What we saw in this partnership was an opportunity to provide our customers with the absolute best, most robust capabilities in the industry," said Walter Rowland, MessageGears' SVP, Growth. "We believe that by combining Airship's advanced mobile messaging solutions on top of MessageGears' best-of-breed email and orchestration platform, we're providing Super Senders with the only true enterprise cross-channel solution on the market."

About MessageGears
MessageGears is the only cross-channel messaging platform exclusively built for today's enterprise. We empower the world's most demanding marketers to deliver more relevant campaigns, faster and more flexibly than legacy cloud ESPs. Our unique Hybrid technology connects directly with a company's database, enabling marketers to maximize the value of their customer data in real time – no syncing required. Join sophisticated marketers at Expedia, Ebates, and Chick-fil-A who rely on MessageGears to deliver more personalized cross-channel campaigns that grow their business. Learn more at

About Airship
Marketing and digital experience teams at thousands of the world's most admired companies rely on Airship's Customer Engagement Platform to create deeper connections with customers by delivering incredibly relevant, orchestrated messages on any channel.

Founded in 2009 as a pioneer in push notifications, Airship now gives brands the user-level data, engagement channels, AI orchestration and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, mobile wallet cards and more to exactly the right person in exactly the right moment — building trust, boosting engagement, driving action and growing value.

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