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ATLANTA, Oct. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- MessageGears has launched a new user interface and content building features for its award-winning email marketing platform, including major functionality upgrades designed to make it easier for marketers to take control of their email campaigns using live internal data in real time.

MessageGears has incorporated extensive customer feedback into the platform upgrades, understanding that a hybrid approach solves challenges in a way that no other solution or marketing cloud can, but also that the interface itself needs to feel familiar and intuitive to use.

The product enhancements will empower everyone in the marketing team to feel comfortable building campaigns that will exceed customer expectations:

  • Easily build audiences from live internal data

Because the marketer is building campaigns using her own live data, she can segment based upon any data point — even highly sensitive ones — without exposing that data outside of her corporate firewall. And she can do that with nothing more than a couple clicks of the mouse.

  • Create beautiful emails with elegant drag-and-drop content builder

With content modules designed to easily drop into place within the UI, marketers have infinite personalization possibilities within each email itself. Each individual module can be personalized with the customer data that comes straight from the marketing database, meaning every message is both live up to the minute and tailored specifically to the recipient.

  • View actionable reporting in real time

With MessageGears' new jobs report, dense deliverability information updates in real time, providing key information to help marketers make crucial decisions live as a send is going on. With most ESPs, reporting is only provided on full campaign sends, but MessageGears' technology allows marketers to see analytics by the minute so they can make quicker, more informed decisions.

  • Know before you send

With MessageGears' new UI, marketers can do exploratory testing, seeing changes and various versions of each email in every configuration — including different languages — and send test emails for each level of personalization. This allows marketers to know exactly what subscribers will see when a campaign lands in their inbox.

MessageGears CEO Roger Barnette says these changes are part of the company's mission to be the best messaging platform for every enterprise-level marketing team.

"This really is a significant step for us, but it was an important one to take," Barnette said. "We're very much aware how demanding the job of the enterprise marketer has become, and so we were determined to develop a product that would not only empower them to build the ambitious email campaigns they dream of being able to send, but to do so with an interface that's as user friendly as it is powerful."

MessageGears, who services innovative clients like Expedia, Chick-fil-A, and Ebates, was awarded more top honors than any other enterprise ESP in The Relevancy Ring's 2018 ESP Buyer's Guide.

"Virtually everyone we have ever spoken with has raved about the people and technology at MessageGears," wrote David Daniels, CEO of The Relevancy Group, as part of the report.

If you're interested in seeing the product in action for yourself, MessageGears offers monthly product demos. Sign up for the next one here.

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MessageGears is the only email marketing platform exclusively built for today's enterprise. We empower the world's most demanding marketers to deliver more relevant emails, faster and more flexibly than legacy cloud ESPs. Our unique Hybrid technology connects directly with a company's database, enabling marketers to maximize the value of their customer data in real time – no syncing required. Join sophisticated marketers at Orbitz, Ebates, and Expedia who rely on MessageGears to deliver more personalized email campaigns that grow their business. Stop syncing and start sending better emails. Learn more at

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