White Papers by iris Chicago

  • Marketing technology & automation to power your marketing machine

    Marketing automation allows for a more individualized approach to targeting, timing and content. While also helping you develop and implement email marketing campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation eBook

    Marketing automation helps you move leads from the top of the marketing funnel to the bottom by understanding buyers are in the buying process and providing them with what they need at the right time. The goal of marketing automation is to improve the alignment between sales and marketing,...
  • Content Marketing: Creating content that matters

    Content marketing is more than just creating and sharing content to engage potential customers; it’s individual elements that can be used separately or together to create highly customized materials for individual audiences.
  • Prospect & Lead Nurturing: A lesson in B2B biology

    There’s a certain biology to turning prospects into customers. It starts off with the careful process of caring for and nurturing a lead who’s not ready to buy. Marketing and sales are key contributors to this constant cycle as they create and implement direct, relevant and targeted marketing...