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SAN JOSE, Calif., May 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- eTrigue® Corporation (, the ease-of-use leader in cloud-based marketing automation, announced new Marketing-as-a-Service offerings filling the gap for content, creative and campaign development helping organizations to rapidly generate more qualified leads and accelerate their growth. The eTrigue service offerings complement its award-winning DemandCenter marketing automation platform and are available to all organizations without the need to be a current subscriber. All engagements come complete with copy, design, programming, campaign setup, lead alerts as well as use of the eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation platform.

eTrigue's Marketing as a Service offerings fill the gap between what organizations need to accomplish to be successful and the resources they have available internally to accomplish their goals. Customers can leverage eTrigue's experience in developing and executing over 35,000 campaigns and gain access to the same marketing automation teams to plan, build and fully execute a variety of turn-key marketing campaigns without the need for additional headcount.

Services include lead generation, nurturing and demand generation that have specific deliverables over a given time frame. Individual one-off projects are also available including email nurturing and inbound landing pages, single webinars and events, as well as complete prospect acquisition and validation for account based marketing.

"We rely on eTrigue to assist us in building outreach and education campaigns for our B2B sales channels," said Andrea Skov, CMO, Push Technology, Inc. "eTrigue's marketing-as-a-service has been instrumental in helping Push Technology scale the creation and execution of webinars, email outreach and lunch and learn programs that are cost-effective and successful."

"Our campaigns put the Wow back in marketing. We significantly expand the effectiveness of marketing teams by creating complete programs, building content, and managing execution. Marketers can be limited in the programs they can actually execute because of the resources available to them internally," stated Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager at eTrigue. "Successful marketing leaders understand that partnering with an experienced content marketing team like eTrigue to scale their core capabilities is an effective strategy to bolster their lead flow, and add net new logos to their account list in a very predictable timeframe. eTrigue teams quickly engage - producing content, leveraging the right technology and the right creative approach to fulfil the lead generation objectives of our clients. As client resources grow, they can take on all or part of the role internally. eTrigue truly is an extension of the internal marketing organization with the same goals."

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eTrigue is a leading provider of marketing-as-a-service capabilities and marketing automation SaaS products that accelerate the way marketing and sales teams generate qualified leads and close sales. The DemandCenter marketing automation platform is consistently rated as easiest to use and helps marketers build more successful demand generation programs quickly. For more information please visit or call +1-800-858-8500 (+1.408.490.2900).

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