White Papers by MC²

  • Generational Marketing Balancing Act: Now We Are Six

    An update to our 2009 report. Not only is there another generation in the marketing mix, we've moved beyond what devices we use to access content to what kind of content we prefer to access. As smart marketers, we must tailor our content to engage an age range from 18-80.
  • The Generational Marketing Balancing Act

    For the first time ever, marketers must simultaneously give consideration to five generations as they evolve through America’s marketplace.
  • Is Face-to-Face Marketing Old School?

    Will face-to-face events survive the digital age? Why could face-to-face marketing be considered "old school". Find out in this informative white paper.
  • Can Exhibiting be Friendlier? What Exhibit Marketers Want for the Future

    A report is based on the feedback from 57 event marketers and event managers who examined the future of exhibit management and to identified ways to make exhibiting more friendly in the next five years. The report reveals current challenges and highlights three essentials to successful...