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  • Blog Integration

    Blogging is an excellent way to expand your website content, increase your traffic, share your knowledge, and offer free advice or special deals to customers. With a built in Content Management System (CMS), you easily post updates, pictures and videos while encouraging interaction with your... Read More
  • Content Management Systems

    A CMS consists of two parts, management and delivery. The content management application allows the content manager or author to manage the creation, modification, and removal of content from a website without needing the expertise of a Webmaster. Changes in multimedia content are a snap.... Read More
  • Custom Website Design

    Marketing Your Company Your Way It takes a lot more than a pretty website to make money for your company. You can do it with a Magic Logix custom website, 100% original and designed specifically for your needs. A Magic Logix website reflects your corporate image and the positioning of your... Read More
  • E-Commerce

    There are no limits to what your business can achieve when offering your products or services online, 24 hours a day, worldwide. An e-commerce website allows you to expand your business affordably. Business owners have many questions about the process of selling online. This section offers an... Read More
  • E-Mail Marketing Management

    Magic Logix e-mail marketing has an advanced feature set that lets you deliver high-performance e-mail campaigns and continually improve them. Built upon the Magic E-mail platform, it is an award-winning, market-leading solution with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our program features the... Read More
  • Flash Design

    Magic Logix uses Flash technology to its full promise, providing you with dynamic communication solutions. Websites come alive with the jazzy animations emerging from our artistic and communication expertise. These outstanding Flash design animations can… Transform a static website into a... Read More
  • Integrated Social Networking

    You want your message to reach your target market. Web-based technologies are transforming the intrusive monologs of broadcast media into welcoming conversations. In broadcast media, you buy reach by choosing where to put commercials. In social media, you generate reach by being in the same... Read More
  • Internet Marketing

    Why you should contact Magic Logix for online marketing services? Marketing is more than just advertising. PR matches more than just a mainstream media audience. People want authenticity, not spin. People want participation, not propaganda. Instead of causing one-way interruption,... Read More
  • Internet Marketing Consulting

    You need to go beyond your website to maximize the return on your Internet marketing investment. The problem is you are new to the party and haven't learned the dance yet. This is not surprising as the music keeps changing. Magic Logix is on the dance floor every day, keeping in step with new... Read More
  • Online Reputation Management

    Word gets around. Your reputation is at stake. Before the Internet changed the world, marketing wisdom taught that dissatisfied customers tell ten to twenty people about their dissatisfaction, whereas satisfied customers tell five at most. Now, when someone wants to burn your products, services,... Read More
  • Open Source Development

    Open source software provides free source code and other rights under a software licensing agreement that meets the Open Source Definition or is in the public domain. Developers can use, change, and modify the software, then redistribute it. Magic Logix developers are experienced with using... Read More
  • Organic SEO

    There are many instruments tuned up and ready to play when orchestrating your Internet marketing campaign. Your symphony of success comes from the magic combination of parts that complement and enhance each other. The goal of Internet marketing is to get visitors to your website, preferably... Read More
  • Pay For Click

    Can't wait to get traffic moving? Get the green light from Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Magic Logix creates effective ads, handles placement, and tracks the results for you. PPC offers advertisers a versatile option with the advantage that you pay only when someone clicks through to your... Read More
  • Section 508 Compliance

    While not mandated for public companies, building a Section 508 compliant website offers accessibility to the 54 million disabled people in the US alone. And that’s not all! A Section 508 compliant website greatly improves search engine visibility to help you achieve your SEO goals. Furthermore,... Read More
  • Social Networking Development

    One third (35%) of American adult Internet users have a profile on a social network site, four times as many as three years ago. This includes 75% of online adults ages 18 – 24. Social networks provide access to many potential customers. Magic Logix has extensive experience building effective... Read More
  • Usability Testing

    You want your customers to find it easy to do business with you. If they are frustrated on your website, they may leave and never return. Click! Usability testing is like a visit to the doctor for a physical; you want to make sure all the systems are working, as they should. Like having your... Read More
  • Website Design

    You want a website that immediately captures attention, holds it, and keeps visitors and customers coming back. Magic Logix creates a branded user experience with dynamic features that give your viewer reasons to stay and reasons to return. With our ability to communicate your brand image and... Read More
  • Website Development

    It is all about you. Magic Logix's primary goal when developing a website is to delight our customer. If the perfect software application does not exist, we design one just for you. Your needs and desires guide creation of the website you want. We listen carefully to understand your... Read More
  • Website Vitality Maintenance

    Revitalize your website regularly for top performance and dynamic content (search engines like it). This includes updating software, adding new applications, content revisions, and troubleshooting. Magic Logix offers simple, stress-free support plans. Your Webmaster is your sole contact... Read More

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