White Papers by Dunhill International List Co., Inc.

  • How To Increase Sales And Find New Customers

    Marketers need a sharp focus in identifying potential customers in their market area, and then reaching them with their sales message. The key ingredient is INFORMATION -- an accurate database of information on businesses and consumers, which can be selected in ways to pinpoint potential customers.
  • The Most Important Ingredient of Direct Marketing

    The most important ingredients of direct marketing have been assigned percentages relating to the success of the mail campaign. These ingredients include the creative, the offer, the list and the timing. There is only one ingredient that stands out above all the rest. It’s singularly the...
  • Choosing the Best Color for Your Direct Marketing Creative

    Visual appeal is an important consideration when choosing a color palette for your marketing campaigns. You should, however, be careful as your color choices could be sending an unintended subconscious message to the people who view them.