Freedonia Group, Packaged Facts, and Simba Information Re-examine a World Infected by COVID-19

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ROCKVILLE Md., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Analysts at's publishing divisions, The Freedonia Group, Packaged Facts, and Simba Information, are reexamining the world through the lens of COVID-19 and helping provide clarity, insight, and on-going support to business leaders across industries. Logo (PRNewsFoto/

"Based on this unprecedented shift in the world economy, all previous assumptions are up for re-examination," said Rob Granader, CEO of "And so we are providing weekly guidance in a number of industries as fast as we can reassess."

While deliberately shutting down many sectors of the world economy is a once-in-a-lifetime event,'s experience from other sudden changes including the dot com bust, September 11, 2001 and the financial crisis of 2008 have given its analysts some guidance about how sudden shocks to these industries are resolved.

Eventual Recovery Amid Deep Business Losses

"While the coronavirus will trigger a sharp economic downturn, the recovery will take some time to establish itself it will be reasonably vigorous, but not enough to make up for the entire business loss," according to Tom Bowne, Senior Economist at The Freedonia Group. "For example, when restrictions are relaxed people may run out and get that haircut they missed, but they will not be getting any extra ones to make up for any that they missed during the social distancing. One will do."

You can find updated economic outlooks written by Tom Browne and his team of economists with the following links:

Make-or-Break Challenges and Opportunities for Innovation

Teresa Hayes, V.P. of Freedonia Publishing noted, "Our analysts cover all manufacturing sectors and what we know from past experience is that you can't generalize, especially when looking at the longer-term impact of the pandemic. Beyond that, remember that a crisis always leads to innovation and ingenuity. This pandemic is likely to accelerate changes already happening in an industry. But it will completely derail others."

For on-going impact analysis and forecasts on a wide range of markets, see Freedonia's COVID-19 Economic Impact Tracker.

Severe Hit to Educational Publishers

In the education space, the major disruption is to the normal sales calendar.

"Uncertainty rules in this sector," said Kathy Mickey, Senior Analyst and Managing Editor at Simba Information, "which tends to mean inaction. And it also is a time when college publishers normally make their pitches to instructors. That is not happening. With everyone supplying online resources free, the revenue hit will be severe this year. Companies are husbanding cash."

Price-per-share of the education stocks tracked by Simba Information declined more sharply than the overall market as the impact of the coronavirus hit the U.S. economy. All of the tracked stocks had double digit price declines in the last two weeks and year-to-date, exceeding any drops seen in the last decade.

Free expert coverage related to the impact of COVID-19 on the K-12 and higher education markets can be found at Educational Marketer and Electronic Education Report newsletters.

Free trial subscriptions to the newsletters are also available via the following links:

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