White Papers by Dataman Group Direct

  • Whitepaper on Integrated Marketing

    Integrated Marketing Helps Businesses Plan Marketing Outreach Every business needs to incorporate an integrated marketing strategy into their outreach. In fact, for 2020 one of your key approaches needs to be using multiple marketing channels to reach the same people. This Integrated...
  • Millennials Want to Do Business with Ethical Companies

    The latest studies by Pew Research Center show that Millennials want to do business with companies they perceive as ethical, sustainable and socially responsible. This white paper will give you some examples and additional information you can use to structure your outreach to this cohort.
  • Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Mortgage Companies

    Mortgage companies who are looking for new customers can use direct mail to pinpoint their best possible prospects, easily & cost-effectively. These tips will help mortgage companies be successful
  • Case Study - Blinds.com

    There are certain tried & true businesses that rely on direct mail to specific list segments for top ROI. In the window treatment industry, New Homeowners is the #1 target group.
  • Direct Marketing for Roofers

    Any business in the Home Improvement sector needs to market. Roofing companies who use direct mail to target home owners whose homes are more than 10 years old or who are in specific storm markets. This free White paper gives Roofing companies the DM edge!