Products by Davis Harrison Dion
  • Creative

    Solving issues, satisfying audiences, winning awards. Our photo studio. The Creative Department takes its cue from observing the marketing trends in each of our clients’ respective categories. Then applies that knowledge to fresh, persuasive executions. Every project begins with the notion... Read More
  • Media

    Message delivery that's strategic, visible, measurable. It’s not often that a midsized agency has an in-house media department of top-notch professionals. It’s even rarer to have an agency partner as the media director. But Sue Harrison’s career in pursuit of media excellence adds a powerful... Read More
  • Production

    Putting it all together beautifully. The experienced DHD Production team has a successful track record in developing and executing complex print and production jobs. The results have been cost-effective collateral, direct marketing and print materials. The goal of our production department is... Read More
Clients of Davis Harrison Dion
    • American Louvre
    • Chartis Group
    • Cornell Dubilier Electronics
    • Gerflor USA
    • EDS
    • HydraForce
    • Jensen Hughes
    • MOL USA
    • PetAg - Well Animal Group
    • Atlas Material Testing
    • IEP Technologies
    • Alberio