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  • Creative Consulting

    Many factors can make or break your email campaign, including your list, subject line, offer, content or call to action. Here’s one more “must-have” for a successful email campaign: A good sound technical code and eye catching design. Your prospects and customers are only a click away from your... Read More
  • Data Contacts

    Great news – you found your target audience and you found the list that works with your offer and creative. Now, it’s roll-out time with the biggest part of your budget. You want to make sure it works and beat the return on investment – by a mile. What solution exists to make sure you can do... Read More
  • Data Hygiene and Management

    Nothing burns a hole in your budget faster than conducting a marketing campaign with bad, out-of-date data. Losing contact with your customers, even for a short period, translates into lost revenue. That’s why it's important to keep your customer database up-to-date and accurate with good data... Read More
  • Direct Database Marketing

    You know your customers, but do you truly understand them? Do you understand their needs? Do you know what problems they are trying to solve? By learning more about your customers, you can gain a better understanding of your market and utilize sales and marketing techniques in a more precise,... Read More
  • Direct Response Strategy

    Building an integrated direct response strategy can be challenging. What’s the best way to build your customer list? How can you learn more about your customers? Where can you find a steady stream of prospects interested in your product or service? Walter Karl can help you eliminate the... Read More
  • Email Append Services

    Smart businesses, looking for an inexpensive way to reach their customers and stretch their marketing dollars, are turning to email. Why? It’s flexible, inexpensive and delivers a high ROI. In fact, a 2008 Direct Marketing Association (DMA) study found that email's ROI in 2008 was over $40 for... Read More
  • Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing is the smart marketer’s best-kept secret. But even if a marketer knows the secret, do they know where to start? Who is your target market? How can you increase your open and click-through rates? What subject lines should you use? What’s the best way to integrate your email... Read More
  • Email Update / ECOA

    It’s a fact of list life – at some time, your customers will change their email addresses and drop off your subscriber list. If your database contains outdated email addresses, you’re slowly losing the ability to connect with your customers online. And more importantly, you’re sacrificing a... Read More
  • Match & Deploy

    Finding new customers can be challenging, Walter Karl can make it easier. Using Walter Karl's Match & Deploy Service, we help you reach out to targeted prospects via email by matching your prospect file to our permission-based and highly responsive database of over 150 million... Read More
  • Media Buying

    Whether it is a one off message or multi-media marketing campaign, knowing how and where to reach your target audience can be daunting. There are literally thousands of potential media online/offline and emerging placements coming to market every day. How do you know which ones speak to your... Read More
  • Mobile Messaging

    More than 70% of Americans own cell phones. They’re not just talking – they’re texting. America’s love affair with SMS messaging translates into millions of consumers who can be reached anywhere, almost any time. Walter Karl Interactive’s Mobile Response Network is a simple, cost-effective... Read More
  • Modeling & Profiling

    If you’re like most companies, you’ve spent thousands of hours collecting information about your customers – who they are, what they want, and when and why they want it. You know you’re sitting on a gold mine of information; you’re just not sure how to use that data to better understand your... Read More
  • Multi-channel List Brokerage

    You’ve identified that direct mail, email, or telemarketing works for your marketing program. Great! Now, all you have to do is find the list. Oh, wait – there are over 10,000 to choose from. Which one is right for my business? What you need is a List Broker, a professional trained and... Read More
  • Multi-channel List Management

    Did you know your list is one of your most valuable marketing assets? Not just from a marketing standpoint but really from a revenue standpoint. How you manage, control and use this asset is vital to your company’s revenue and subsequently, your marketing budget. One of the industry’s largest... Read More
  • Online Database Monetization Strategies

    Even though Marketing departments help companies generate leads, most are traditionally thought of as cost centers, not profit centers. Most marketing departments have assets that they can make revenue from but they don’t know how to do it. It’s possible for companies to monetize their website... Read More
  • Online Lead Generation

    In today’s competitive business world, growth doesn’t come easy. You must continually generate new leads and new revenue. But where can you find a steady stream of prospects interested in your product or service? The answer is simple: online. The Walter Karl Optimization Network delivers... Read More

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