Iconic American Brand BonWorth Bucks the Trend and Executes a Turnaround

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LOS ANGELES, June 26, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The unique brand -- which employs 98% women as its staff, with more than 48% of them being seniors -- caters to Mature Women's clothing. The Company came back from nearly closing its doors to being one of the most successful ones under the Chief Operating Officer, Gurusankar Gurumoorthy's, watch. The interim COO, who took the title reluctantly, noting that the company's unique culture with a strong presence in Mid-West and South precluded an outside hire immediately, went back to the old fashioned retailing ways, cutting inventory, slashing costs dramatically, upgrading product to reflect current trends and fashions, and increasing maintained margins. Guru, as much known for his obsessive focus on customers as his 18 hour work days built on the company's reputation as the best in the business for customer service with extraordinary dedication of its employees to deliver un paralleled value to its very loyal customers. More than 85% of their customers shop only in BonWorth for their clothing needs.

BonWorth's Microsite, a blog based website, has informational content highlighting the company's presence for over 50 years by providing women across the United States with fashionable clothing at an extremely affordable cost. A huge focus that Guru has emphasized is to stick to their core company values while also staying relevant and trendy.

The newest Blog post reiterates the idea of BonWorth dressing women for over a half a century and making women across America "BonWorth Beautiful". Fittingly, the blog site's name is bonworthbeautiful.com. The blog touches on Guru's practices' on changing multitudes of aspects to make this company successful, while retaining their same dedication and obsession to customer satisfaction.

Internal operations of BonWorth have made dramatically streamlined that have helped the efficiency of the company, ultimately assisting in better allowing the entire BonWorth team to enhance their already famed customer satisfaction.

Originating out of Hendersonville, North Carolina 52 years ago in the Blue Ridge Mountains, BonWorth almost solely focused on mature women for their target market .Stay tuned for more news on BonWorth's success through their microsite or company website at bonworth.com!


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