Pricing Research - What Do Our Customers Value?

A free white paper by B2B International USA Inc

Discover three extremely effective ways of exposing which benefits are most valued by your consumers and how to use the results of these analyses to find the ideal price for your offering. A business to business marketer faces a quandary when deciding how to price their products and services. If they set the rate too high, the firm will lose valuable market share, if they set the rate too low (as is often the case) their margins will be eaten away. The marketer who can crack the code and set their price right at the sweet spot where customers feel that they are receiving more value from the product or service than they are relinquishing in the form of money, will be able to capture market share and increase their profits. The key to finding this ideal price is uncovering which product benefits are most important to your customers and how they value these benefits.

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