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  • Acquisition Studies

    When your company is considering making an acquisition, it is essential that you are armed with as much knowledge as possible. Usually, acquisition targets are new to the potential purchaser, making the level of uncertainty even greater. Acquisition studies form an integral part of the due... Read More
  • Advertising Research

    Market research and market intelligence play an important role before, throughout and following the life of a direct mail or advertising campaign. When advertising is at the initial development stage, B2B International can obtain input from the potential target audience through exploratory... Read More
  • Branding Studies

    Studies have shown that – on average – around 5% of a company’s stock value derives directly from the company’s image. Companies with a strong image or reputation attract more customers, retain more customers, and attract better employees. In short, branding is a key means of achieving... Read More
  • Competitive Intelligence

    Businesses now operate in a world in which information is more readily and publicly available than ever before. Thanks to the development of the Internet, information on market trends, legislation, customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors, product development and almost every other... Read More
  • Customer Satisfaction Research

    Most businesses lose around half of their customers every 5 years. What’s more, attracting a new customer can cost up to twenty times more than retaining an existing customer. Looking at these two facts, it is not difficult to see why a mere 5% reduction in the rate of customer churn can... Read More
  • Employee Satisfaction Research

    It may be obvious, but high employee satisfaction levels reduce the rate of staff churn. Satisfied employees feel they have a ‘voice’ and commit themselves to increasing the productivity and capabilities of the company, whereas dissatisfied employees are likely to leave the company quickly and... Read More
  • Market Assessment Studies

    All companies must seek new ways to increase growth and value. Both growth and value can be achieved in four alternative areas (see below). In each of these areas, B2B International can: Review your existing products in existing markets and advise you how to sell more and differentiate... Read More
  • Market Entry Studies

    Entering a new market is a big decision for any company. Whether by acquisition, establishment of a subsidiary, or through any other means, the investment and level of uncertainty are significant. B2B International knows that, despite the difficulties, entering a new market is one of the... Read More
  • Market Tracking

    As competition intensifies and markets change more quickly than ever, the need for up-to-the minute research and intelligence has never been greater. Market tracking studies identify and assess trends as they happen, allowing B2B International’s Clients to make decisions as quickly as possible,... Read More
  • Marketing Training & Market Research Training

    B2B International offers Marketing and Market Research training courses which follow the principles of: Learn > Practice > Apply > Implement Learn the concept, model or tool See how others have practiced its application successfully Apply the concept, model or tool to your own... Read More
  • Pricing Research

    There are three ways of increasing profits: sell more, cut our costs, or raise existing prices. Selling more and cutting costs are not easy, but raising prices, in principle, is very easy indeed - change the price ticket and price list and tell the sales force to raise prices by 5%. Costs... Read More
  • Product Development Research

    In a competitive world, no company can survive without product development. As soon as you release a new or improved product or service onto the market, your competitors are ready and waiting to emulate it and improve it for their own purposes. Product development does not have to be... Read More
  • Segmentation Studies

    Segmentation is at the very heart of marketing. A segment is a group of individuals or companies with a common attribute that causes them to share similar needs. Marketers tailor their products, services and communications to these common attributes in order to ensure that their offering meets... Read More
  • The Customer Lock-In Toolkit

    Using cost-effective market research to lock in customers and lock out the competition In testing economic times such as these, marketers are facing pressures to reduce costs along with fewer profitable customers and a shrinking customer base. It is now more important than ever to ensure... Read More

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