White Papers by 3D2B Inc.

  • Boost Event Effectiveness With B2B Telemarketing

    How telemarketing increases event attendance and improves follow-up... In today's digital age, events are a crucial piece of the marketing puzzle. Find out how B2B telemarketing can boost attendance, improve follow-up, and increase the overall success of in-person and virtual events.
  • Five Secrets to Hiring a B2B Telemarketing Agency

    How to identify B2B telemarketing agencies that command results. Not all telemarketing agencies are created equal. Find out how to identify effective B2B telemarketing agencies that generate leads and improve sales support.
  • Discover how outbound telemarketing is vital to business growth

    In today's inbound marketing world, generating qualified leads is still the biggest challenge. With shrinking budgets and resources, this challenge becomes even greater. Download this information-packed White Paper now and learn how and why outbound telemarketing is the key to meeting this...
  • Human Touch B2B Lead Generation

    How appealing to emotions creates lasting relationships in B2B lead generation. Technology holds great promise for improvements in B2B marketing, yet it fails to provide the all-important human touch. Learn how B2B telemarketing connects two people to create the human touch that is so...