New Breed is Top-Rated HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified Partner

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WINOOSKI, Vt., Nov. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On Friday, November 15, HubSpot announced that New Breed is among the inaugural cohort of Advanced Implementation Certified Partners.

New Breed is Top-Rated HubSpot Advanced Implementation Certified Partner

"We recognized that there was a lot of opportunity for more corporate and enterprise clients to take advantage of HubSpot's growth suite, but at the same time we realized what a challenge it can be for those types of organizations to make a shift like that without guidance and support," New Breed Inside Sales Manager Beth Abbot says. "We wanted to get the certification to help be that guiding force and partner for those companies looking to successfully implement a more advanced version of HubSpot."

Partners who've earned the Advanced Implementation Certification (AIC) have experience not only with deploying HubSpot products across enterprise companies but also with business process mapping and change management to ensure that deployment and rollout occur successfully.

"The Advanced Implementation Certification helps HubSpot identify partners who can deliver specialized service to customers with complex CRM migration, integration and implementation needs," says Ashley Cox, HubSpot's Partner Development Program Manager. "I'm so excited that New Breed is part of the exclusive group of Advanced Implementation Certified partners that can meet the needs of these customers."

To earn the AIC an agency must have multiple employees certified in HubSpot Sales Software and HubSpot Sales Enterprise Implementation. Additionally, agencies must pass a video interview, pass the AIC exam, complete a practicum, give a presentation on their practicum and complete a trial period where feedback from the customers they assist determines whether or not they receive the certification.

New Breed is one of only 13 Advanced Implementation Certified Partners.

"We're proud to be the top-rated AIC partner in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program globally," New Breed CEO Patrick Biddiscombe says. "Advanced implementations have been in our DNA from the founding of New Breed over a decade ago. We are excited to see HubSpot invest in this program, ensuring that we all solve for the customers' needs at this level."

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New Breed is a premier customer acquisition agency dedicated to unifying sales and marketing teams by building predictable, measurable and proven marketing and sales solutions. As a HubSpot Diamond Tier Partner, New Breed leverages the inbound methodology to help their clients and their own company grow.

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