White Papers by IQVIA

  • Profile of U.S. Orthopedic Surgeons Report

    For commercial teams and brand managers, this new report gives insights and on the behaviors and practice characteristics of U.S. orthopedic surgeons. See more than 20 unique charts with commentary to understand how to identify and approach these busy physicians.
  • Email Marketing Guide

    Email is an extremely important and effective means of communication and is used by millions of Americans on a daily basis for personal and commercial purposes. Its convenience and efficiency, however, are increasingly threatened by the rise in spam. Spam currently accounts for over ...
  • Healthcare Provider Turnover Rates. See Who Moves the Most.

    This updated report underscores the importance of monitoring the status of your target physician or provider and acknowledging that professional profiles change often.
  • Profile of U.S. Dermatologists

    Dermatologists are in high demand for diagnosing and treating a wide range of skin conditions. Download this report to help understand dermatologists, and facilitate research and trend formulation.
  • The Most Powerful Pharmacies Ranked

    Read SK&A’s 2016 “National Pharmacy Market Summary” report to find out which U.S. pharmacies made our top 25 list. This year, CVS Corporation topped the list as the largest retail chain in the country with 18,631 pharmacists on staff at 9,105 locations. Use this report to target pharmacists by...
  • Ranking of Top 25 Health Systems

    See who tops the list of Integrated Health Systems. This complimentary report reveals the top 25 IHS's and insights to improve your sales and marketing efforts.
  • Top 50 U.S. Hospitals

    SK&A’s Top 50 U.S. Hospitals report ranks the top 50 largest hospitals in the US by bed count. Other features of the report include the number of hospitals by type and treatment program and the 25 most popular job titles.
  • Top 50 Nursing Homes in the U.S.

    SK&A’s “U.S. Elder Care Market” report identifies the 50 largest nursing homes and 50 most influential ownership groups. In this version, Laguna Woods Community continues to lead with 12,736 beds with Rossmoor Walnut Group Corp closely behind with 10,000 beds. Other findings in the report...
  • Physician Office Usage of Electronic Health Records Software

    According to SK&A’s continuing study on physician office adoption of electronic health records software, usage stabilizes from a year ago. EHR data offers message targeting in a more granular way to the specific physician. Understand adoption rates by practice speciality, size, ownership,...
  • Top 30 Accountable Care Organizations

    This exclusive report by SK&A features the top 30 largest ACOs in the U.S. SK&A has identified 589 ACOs including profiles for directors, administrators, committee voting members and other personnel. Under ACOs, decision making is more centralized and controlled. Learn who the new targets are to...
  • Physician Access

    SK&A surveyed U.S. medical sites to determine their policies for seeing sales reps from the life sciences and medical device industries. This ground breaking report reveals the access policies and trends, including insights such as access by region, office size, and practice specialty. Discover...
  • SK&A’s 50 Largest Medical Groups

    With 487 office locations and nearly 7,832 employed physicians, Kaiser Permanente is the largest U.S. medical Group. See the other top groups in this updated free market insight report from SK&A. Use this intelligence to identify the most dominant players, and target the top executives who make...
  • Physician Specialty Count by State

    This report shows all 650,000+ physicians in the database broken down by states as well as the count of physicians, by specialty, in each state.
  • U.S. Physician Compensation Trends

    Review the latest salary trends for 21 specialties in this updated compilation of survey data from leading trade groups and recruitment firms. See annual totals for median salary, base salary, median work RVUs, media gross charges, hospital-employed salary, multispecialty practice salary, and...