Catapult PR Elevates Narrative-Driven PR Strategies for B2B Tech Firms in 2020

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BOULDER, Colo., Dec 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Catapult PR-IR (, a high-tech public relations and Strategic Narrative Marketing agency, will expand its focus on narrative-driven PR in 2020 to help companies with unclear messaging strategies reposition themselves in their market space and emerge as leaders. Since 1999, Catapult has helped B2B tech firms lead market categories by owning a unique space - driven by an industry-focused narrative. To expand its footprint in the messaging and positioning space in 2020 Catapult will offer a comprehensive set of services that include public and analyst relations, social media, content marketing and digital advertising.

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"PR has always owned and built awareness around the authentic company story through earned media and content," said Guy Murrel, chief narrative officer at Catapult. "As tech companies work to deliver consistent, meaningful and unique narratives, we believe that PR professionals have the opportunity to own company positioning and messaging. What makes Catapult unique in this endeavor, is our high-level Strategic Narrative Marketing approach that creates a single, fully aligned message that is focused on the industry rather than the company."

Catapult's Strategic Narrative Marketing services help companies across the globe who want to become industry drivers by reigning in their positioning and messaging strategy and creating a cohesive narrative that is relevant and unique in the constantly changing tech world.

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Since 1999, Catapult has helped b-to-b tech firms grow and prosper through its blend of strategic messaging, media and analyst relations, social media and content marketing services. Its new Narrative Practice includes a service offering that leverages Strategic Narrative Marketing, a new approach to positioning and messaging that helps organizations define and lead new or existing categories to stand out, say something compelling and win markets. For more information on Catapult, call 303-581-7760 or visit the company's website at

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