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White Papers for Direct Marketing and Advertising Providers

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Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle
by The Mx Group
It’s a simple fact. Qualified sales leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization. So why are so many leads ignored or underutilized?“Compressing the Prospect-to-Customer Lifecycle” makes the case for three possible changes in your thinking....

Top 15 Tips For Hiring The Right Lead Generation Company
by Grindstone, Inc.
Avoid Costly Mistakes and Headaches Researching Companies...

Give the Gift of Chat: Implementing Live Chat into Customer Service
by PhaseWare Inc.
If properly leveraged, Live Chat can greatly enhance the efficacy of a firm’s website. The flexibility of Live Chat allows it to be used in a variety of ways including; customer service and product sales/promotion.The benefits of immediate response and ability to help multiple customers at once...

Discover how outbound telemarketing is vital to business growth
by 3D2B Inc.
In today's inbound marketing world, generating qualified leads is still the biggest challenge. With shrinking budgets and resources, this challenge becomes even greater.Download this information-packed White Paper now and learn how and why outbound telemarketing is the key to meeting this...

Why is Business-to-Business Marketing Special?
by B2B International USA Inc
Take a look into the world of B2B marketing and explore what makes these types of buyer-seller relationships distinctive. Learn how you can leverage these differences to properly approach a relationship with a business buyer.Though they share the same end goal, to close a sale, business to...

Techniques for Effective Customer Lifecycle Marketing
by Right On Interactive
In today’s challenging business climate, companies are looking to transform the way they nurture business relationships throughout the customer lifecycle – from initial contact to brand advocacy....

Increase College Enrollment with Social Media 2.0
by Millennium Integrated Marketing
Colleges and universities clearly understand the usefulness of social media in connectingwith prospective students, but it is imperative to strategically leverage student content – across a variety of networks – to use it effectively. In addition, institutions must be innovative in their approaches...

B2B Crosses Channels: Barriers & Solutions to Effective Implementation
by Integrate
It’s no secret—the B2B space evolved in the last decade, and now encompasses much more than mere lead generation. B2B marketers are not only expected to cater to prospective buyers in an online, offline and mobile setting, but to quantify each marketing activity’s precise impact on revenue....

B2B Marketing: Why Content is the New Creative
by DeSantis Breindel
A revolution is brewing in the world of B2B marketing. Lack of differentiation, fragmented media, complex regulation and brutal competition has turned decision making into a Rubik’s Cube for corporate buyers of enterprise products and services. To differentiatethemselves in the morass, smart...

Generational Marketing Balancing Act: Now We Are Six
by MC²
An update to our 2009 report. Not only is there another generation in the marketing mix, we've moved beyond what devices we use to access content to what kind of content we prefer to access. As smart marketers, we must tailor our content to engage an age range from 18-80....