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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 26, 2017/PRNewswire/ -- Mortgage professionals getting inquiries from people seeking home loans or refinance opportunities through Zillow Group Mortgages can now respond instantly, personally, and automatically with a video email fromBombBomb.

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One of the initial Zillow Tech Connect Partners, BombBomb has provided a similar service toreal estateprofessionals for more than three years and now automatically delivers videos when a home buyer or seller inquiries on an agent's listing or profile in Zillow or Trulia.

With this expansion of the integration, a mortgageprofessional can record or upload a video into BombBomb, add it to a branded email, and set it up to automatically and instantly be sent to leads making contact through his or her profile page, long form, quote request, or property pre-approval request.

By reaching out with a video email in this way, they're improving the response time to that inquiry, improving trust and rapport by getting face to face, differentiating themselves from competitors by being uniquely themselves, and preparing for smarter follow up. Every email or video email sent from BombBomb includes tracking and real-time alerts, so the mortgage professional knows the exact "who" and "when" of every email open, link click, and video play.

"Through software integrations and human relationships, we've been committed to serving the real estate and mortgage communities over the past 5 years," says BombBomb co-founder and CEO Conor McCluskey. "This expansion of our Zillow and Trulia integration is something we're excited to do for lenders who build their business on relationships and referrals."

This feature is now available for all BombBomb customers who purchase mortgage leads from Zillow Group Mortgages. Contact your account manager to get it turned on.

BombBomb helps sales professionals of all kinds build trust, convert leads, and generate referrals with simple video messages in email, text, and social media. Ranked #665 on the Inc 5000, the software company was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado. Try it free

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