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SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- eTrigue® Corporation (, the ease-of-use leader in cloud-based marketing automation, announced the release of comprehensive Campaign Effectiveness reporting that provides visibility beyond traditional campaign metrics. eTrigue's new Campaign Effectiveness reports show all activity initiated by a specific campaign, going beyond the primary call to action (CTA). Marketers can drill down on specific campaigns to see all activity associated with a specific campaign: additional page views, asset downloads, form fills, and more.

Campaign effectiveness reports provide a single view to full prospect engagement metrics in a single, easy-to-understand report so marketers can visualize and measure the full impact of a campaign. Marketers can now understand which prospects engaged beyond the primary campaign CTA and sort and filter those prospects to identify qualified opportunities and interest trends to drive more effective segmentation for future campaigns.

Analytics and performance reporting data continues to be essential for marketers to measure the effectiveness and return on investment of campaigns. Campaign effectiveness reports put the most current campaign effectiveness data right at marketer's fingertips.

Campaign Effectiveness reports provide an across-the-board view of the individual elements within email campaigns. Reports may easily be shared to provide stakeholders in the organization access to the campaign performance data needed to make decisions. These multi-faceted reports provide instant drill-down to see full detail on the performance of every element that makes up a campaign, including individual emails sent from a campaign, landing pages and links. A unique activity window displays both engagement over time as well as time of engagement.

"Marketers must harness the data generated by user interaction and use that to inform marketing campaign choices. Customizable Campaign Effectiveness reports allow our eTrigue DemandCenter users to identify qualified opportunities and visualize campaign performance beyond opens, clicks, and visits," said Jim Meyer, Vice President and General Manager at eTrigue. "eTrigue uniquely provides tremendous value in full-featured marketing automation, especially for organizations with fewer resources."

Campaign Effectiveness reporting shows marketers engagement metrics for campaigns all in one convenient location and allows sharing information across the organization:

  • Deliverability, Opened, Clicked
  • Engagement Over Time
  • Time of Engagement
  • Breakdown by Email Template
  • Related Actions, Page Views and Form Submits
  • Asset Downloads
  • Page Views
  • Deliverability, Bounces & Lost Prospects

Campaign Effectiveness reports are currently available in all eTrigue DemandCenter marketing automation deployments.

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