Products by SMITH
  • Commerce and Content

    We know how to design, implement, and deploy modern technology platforms and infrastructures that unite content, commerce, and data in service to the user and the business. -CMS and commerce platform evaluation and ROI analysis -CMS and commerce platform implementation and deployment -Technical... Read More
  • Marketing Operations

    Bulletproof support, maintenance, and enhancement services designed to keep your investments growing. -Website and mobile app enhancement and optimization -Hosting and maintenance -Development operations and support -Analytics and reporting -Performance audits and testing Read More
  • Data Services

    We harness the power of data in service of creating better experiences, making them more context aware, more timely, more useful. -Data audit and opportunity definition -Data-driven interaction planning and strategy -API design and development -Algorithm design and deployment -Customer analytics Read More
White Papers by SMITH
  • 5 Mobile personas you need to know By

    Nearly every modern consumer wields at least one—and often multiple—mobile devices. Understanding mobile users’ needs and behavior is key to engaging them effectively. But as SMITH’s Strategy & Insight team’s research reveals, mobile sapiens are hardly a homogenous group. There’s tremendous... Read more
  • Content Management System Platform Selection Process By

    TO FIND THE RIGHT ANSWER ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS. Finding the right content management system (CMS) platform is an essential but daunting task for many organizations. The term “content management system” alone covers a myriad of possible capabilities, technology options, and implementation... Read more
  • Commerce Platform Selection Process By

    Selecting a commerce platform is more than a technological decision. In business terms, it’s also an exercise in self-knowledge; meaning, you have to understand the needs of your business and the needs of your customers in order to choose a commerce server that will properly serve both. In this... Read more