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About ColdLight Solutions LLC
  • “Neuron is the next generation of intelligent machines. We are giving analysts new tools for direct interaction with data. Today, analysts face the daunting task of surveying massive data points. Now, Neuron does that work for them – and then goes further; prioritizing the most appropriate areas of focus and prescribing the most appropriate course of action. We’re making huge masses of information instantly actionable.”, says Gene Dragotta, CTO of ColdLight Solutions. With Neuron: What once took many analysts months to do, Neuron can do instantly; Terrorist information can be intercepted before it turns into; criminal action; Airport Systems, Port Systems, Campus Security and Communication System; all are made exponentially more powerful with Neuron’s instant recognition and cross-referencing of behavioral patterns; Integrates world-class military-grade mapping tools, automated object detection systems, and advanced data visualization technologies; The Prescriptive Intelligence™ capabilities orchestrates all points of information into speedy action; Neuron delivers a virtual command center that enables human and machine intelligence to interact, and leverage each others’ expertise. About Neuron Technology: NEURON™ will be unveiled for public debut at the conference. Its prescriptive intelligence functions are made possible by deep pattern recognition capabilities that mimic the human brain’s capacity to think and learn. Neuron promises to be a formidable tool in the war against terrorism; however, the application has huge implications on the future of marketing analytics, supply chain optimization, fraud detection, and more. About ColdLight Solutions: LLC ColdLight Solutions, LLC was founded in 2005, to help businesses unlock the true value buried deep within complex data. With headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, ColdLight Solutions provides advanced prescriptive analytics solutions to businesses challenged with uncovering a competitive advantage from their massive data systems. ColdLight Solutions products enhance the detection of terrorist and criminal activities, optimize supply chain forecasting, enable highly targeted marketing efforts, and conduct comprehensive, cost effective market research efforts.
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